Pacific Construction Services, Inc.

Pre-Construction Services

Establish/Reaffirm Project Objectives

During the initial project meeting, PCS Inc. reviews each of the client’s objectives for the project and ensures that each element is understood and addressed with the project plan.

Site Assessment

Site AssessmentPCS will provide a detailed site assessment carefully identifying existing conditions so the design team can respond appropriately.

Budget Preparation

Based on the preliminary design and project specifications, an initial estimate is developed by the members of Pacific’s estimating team. Historical cost data is analyzed and detailed trade systems are established. This estimate is updated periodically as the project requires, and changes are made only after feedback from the client.

Value Engineering

Value engineering is a method of evaluating a project’s broad scope through a systematic approach designed to maximize the value of each dollar spent throughout the duration of the project’s life span. During the initial evaluation, high cost areas are broken down and cost efficient alternatives are proposed to the architect. It is important to note that the list of suggested alternatives do not degrade the quality of the original design.

Identity and Purchase Long-Lead Items

The identification and procurement of long lead items is imperative in making sure that all project deadlines are met. Purchase dates are established as soon as possible based on the project schedule, with all pertinent design information being monitored. Once the order has been placed, they are carefully tracked to ensure that delivery dates are met and completion dates are not impacted.

Constructability Reviews

In an effort to maintain quality through constructability, PCS’s in-house team of specialists carefully review project details and building systems to identify the most logical construction sequence while factoring in all design elements. This process includes review of M/E/P and Life Safety/Fire Protection.

Phasing Plan/Logistics

Phasing Plan/LogisticsPCS, Inc. understands that every project is different and strives to minimize any logistical challenges up front through the development of tailored phasing and logistics plans. If the construction site is in an occupied location, physical constraints and the flow of labor and materials are organized so that the impact of construction operations is minimized. Additionally, areas where temporary construction facilities or protection materials are needed are identified during this process